Where to Start

I notice that people seem to have the same financial questions over and over again. So I created a list of blog posts that I’ve tagged “Fundamentals.” They should answer the big investing questions like, “What should my asset allocation be?” and “In what order should I fund various accounts?” This collection, which is a work in progress, can be found here: FUNDAMENTALS. For a few more posts at an even more basic level, read MOST BASIC.

My most popular post answers the question, “which credit cards should I get to maximize rewards.” It can be found here: MAXIMIZE CREDIT CARD REWARDS.

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My Story

My personal finance journey began several years ago. It started with the realization that even though my wife and I had solid incomes, we had not really accumulated much wealth. Being a natural ‘spender’ didn’t help things! Neither did my wife’s student loans, which I quickly realized needed to be addressed. We needed a plan. So at the recommendation of a friend, we met with a financial advisor. I went in with a list of about ten questions. Five meetings and $3,000 later, none of my questions had been answered. Instead, he had spent our time together pitching various financial products such as whole life insurance, high cost disability insurance, and actively managed taxable investing.

I was at a loss. I wanted to get on top of our finances and achieve financial independence, but honestly didn’t have the knowledge I needed. So I went on a quest to absorb as much info as I could get my hands on. Over the next few years, I found great resources and information. Occasionally, I found real gems that revolutionized the way I thought about finances or helped me make a meaningful change. In a few years, we transformed from a negative net worth to walking a path that is well on the way to financial freedom. I thought, “what if I created a a site that only had those ‘gems’ ” – the best info delivered in a way that’s to the point, but with a level of detail beyond what’s present in much of the content out there.

No Frills Financial is designed for those who want to learn about finance and ultimately achieve financial independence, but who don’t want to sort through a bunch of fluff or articles that are unrelated to finance. I try to keep the information simple and to the point, but still detailed and well-sourced with additional reading.

Your time is valuable, so my goal is for every post to contain potentially actionable information (after you do your own research, of course) that many will find useful.

Thank you for visiting and let me know how I’m doing in the comments!